Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday Strip Contest

Here at Her Majesty's Laundry Service, we pride ourselves on serving our country through cleaning shirts and hiding nuclear secrets and all that lark. Sometimes, we need to obtain personal details of potential threats to national security, which is usually done via comic strip contests.

Totally unlrelated... here's a comic strip contest!

Yes, we had last Saturday off, but to be frank, the number of entries per week has dwindled. Dwindled to the point of us considering just giving Sir Peter Perpofakov his own Saturday slot (if he wasn't a damned red commie spy with designs to turn us all into backwards-R-writing automatons) as he seems to be the last man standing. So, what we're doing here is hoping whomsoever reads this communique will spread it far and wide throughout the internet land and beyond (like, into space or somewhere). If we receive four entries before next Friday (28th October), we will run the contest again. If not, we'll think of a more appealing regular feature.

Here's (potentially) the final Bames Jond on Saturday! contest strip. Come up with something amusing, send the script to by 28/10/11 and we'll just see what happens.

Don't fail us, Britain (and other countries... unless we're mortal enemies, like with Monaco).

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