Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bames Jond on Saturday! - 08/10/11

Hello. My name is michael and i am seven and i am in a big guverment place with my dad who cleans it and feeds cats. He didnt want me to touch anything but i know how to use computers and i promise not to set off any nuculer boms or anything. i have ansered the email from the russians and told them they are poo poo heads! LOL

i dont know what this thing is im typing now but i founde some cartoons and the colour one made me lagh so you can reed it. It is from someone called Pete Scarboroh but theres a file next to his name with some skull and crossbones on it so i think he is a pirate. i wish i was a pirate and my dad was a space astronaut with a spaceship so he would buy moons.

there is a one with no colour on it and no writing so why is it there. look it is stupid and not funny with no lols or even pandas or anything.

there is a sticky note that says SEND SCTIPTS TO so that mite mean someOHNO MY DAD IS HEAR. RUN RUN.

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