Monday, 29 August 2011

Sunday villain: Jaws

He's a bit iconic, yeah? Truth be told, I'm not really sold on Jaws as a threatening bad guy. He has metal teeth and is a big fella who can take a punch.

That's it? If Nelly had all of his nerves removed (something I think may actually benefit the world), you'd have the same bloke (except a bit shorter). Still, people seem to respond to the character and I could hardly go through this series of villain portraits without including him.

The more I drew him (yes, this isn't just an off-hand sketch, despite appearances to the contrary) the more I realised that he'd make a pretty cool caricature. Apparently, Richard Kiel (who played him in the movies) has a condition called acromegaly which commonly exaggerates facial features. Bad news for him, but if ever he plonked himself in front of a portrait painter, the artist would be blessed with an easy commission. Nothing's worse than a plain face.

So here he is, in green pencil for some reason.

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