Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Villain: Baron Samedi

I had a lot of fun with this one. It's hard to beat this fella as far as visuals go in Bond villains. Baron Samedi is best known to me as one of the most annoying bad guys in the Goldeneye N64 game, but that's only because I never really watched Live and Let Die. I guess I should. 

One of things I want to do with this Sunday blog is to try out a variety of styles and different methods. It's fair to say that the Blofeld pic a couple of weeks ago wasn't too far removed from this, but I wanted to make this one big and bold, with the features defined by throwing chunky marker swipes on the paper. Sadly, my chunky black marker dried up (used it as shading) and so I had to make do with a regular marker pen. 

I knew from the start that I had to draw half on coloured paper and half on white, with an organic rip down the middle. the hat is a third piece of paper. Basically, uncropped this image is a bundle of angles and masking tape. Still, I'm quite pleased with how it worked. 

Materials: Various papers, marker, gel pen, oil pastel.   

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