Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bames Jond on Saturday! - 27/08/11

Apologies for the lateness of the strip today, we had a few moles removed from the agency this morning. Suffice to say the country is safe once again and you can all sleep soundly in your beds. Unless you're Russian, in which case WE WILL DEFEAT YOU.

What? The Cold War isn't over, is it?

Oh, Christ.

Looks like we could use a distraction to avoid some kind of international incident. Lucky for us, Pete Scarborough has provided it with the winning entry to the latest script contest. Feast your eyes!

Jond's intolerance to alcohol is well known to us at Her Majesty's Laundry Service as we often have to deal with the vomit on his tuxedos. It's good that Mr Scarborough has at last raised this awkward topic. Maybe now Bames will understand the consequences of his actions (but we doubt it).

To be in with a chance of writing the next Bames Jond on Saturday strip, take a gander at the blank strip below and send your funniest effort to before next weekend. It will look all fancy in colour. What more could you want?

Oh fine, we'll clean your vomit stains, too.

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