Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bames Jond on Saturday! - 06/08/11

Hey slackers! Where were all of the scripts for this week?

As it turns out, we got precisely two entries to the contest this time around, and since they both tickled the ribs of Her Majesty's Laundry Service, they share the spoils (such as they are).

The strips are by, respectively, Mike Exner III and Pete Scarborough (both of whom entered last week too). Their efforts have been noted and we will watch their careers with interest. HMLS is always looking for new blood. And Linda. Never stop looking. Never stop looking for Linda.

Think you can do better? Are your witty asides and barbed comments going to waste in your day job as a chicken sexer? Get it out of your system by entering the Week 3 contest!

All you have to do is send your highly amusing script for the blank strip below to and if Her Majesty's Laundry Service spit their darjeeling in amusement, it may end up all coloured this time next week. Immortality! Fame! Slippers!

Get writing, ye fools!

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